Litigation is the way most people resolve disputes. Each person hires an attorney who argues with the other attorney over every legal issue related to the dispute. The parties give away their power and the control over the outcome of the dispute to a judge, and sometimes a jury, who will decide their case. The litigation is focused on the past, it is confrontational, and it often leaves the parties angry and bitter.

Litigation is costly and time-consuming. And it is not confidential. The information generated through the discovery process is often a matter of public record. The courtroom and the trial are also open to the public. Litigation can devastate winners almost as much as losers. If you have ever been in a law suit, you know what is involved, and you may want to consider several more attractive alternatives.

Review the following pages for information on attractive alternatives to adjudication: Negotiation, Mediation, Mediation-Arbitration, and Arbitration.

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Why You Should Avoid Adjudication (filing a lawsuit)

  • Government-run process with a judge and jury
  • Open to the public and matter of public record
  • A single party can institute a lawsuit and require the other party to participate
  • Damages relationships
  • Formal process with rigid rules governed by statutes and regulations
  • Extensive use of attorneys
  • Tends to be very time-consuming, often years before getting to trial
  • Very expensive

“Lawsuits consume time, and money, and rest, and friends.”Sir John Patrick Herbert