Negotiation is a decision making process by which two or more people who differ over a particular issue attempt to reach an agreement or compromise. Back and forth communication is designed to reach an agreement when both sides have some interests that are shared and others that are opposed. Parties are typically cooperative and determine the outcome. Many times it is helpful to have a trained negotiator available to assist the parties in their efforts to obtain a successful negotiation. Centerpoint Dispute Resolution offers a professional negotiator to help the negotiating parties come to a satisfactory conclusion.

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Why You Should Choose Negotiation

  • Informal and cooperative process
  • Win-win solutions are very possible
  • Can be resolved quickly
  • Value can be created for all participants
  • Preserves relationships
  • Confidential, not of public record, process is closed
  • Sometimes the pie can be expanded and all parties will gain more than they expected
  • Affordable