Centerpoint Dispute Resolution is a full service firm offering facilitation, construction and non-construction Partnering, mediation and other consensus building processes, as well as training focused on the effective management of conflict.

Centerpoint Dispute Resolution designs and facilitates events ranging in size from small working groups of 2 to 10 people to large public meetings of 150 to 200 people.

Our facilitation experience includes:

  • Task-focused Workshops
  • Cross-functional Work Groups
  • Action planning Forums
  • ‘Town hall’ style Meetings and Citizen’s Working Groups

We customize our facilitations to address unique organizational needs, while ensuring meaningful involvement of participants. Clients maximize their potential for a successful outcome through:

  1. Pre-Event Consultation and/or Alignment Meetings that provide assistance in:
    Determining goals
    Defining roles and expectations
    Public consultation program design
    Event design and agenda preparation
    Coaching of in-house presenters
  2. Event Facilitation
    Interact with and guide participants
    Resolve communication problems
    Encourage active participation of participants
    Apply decision making and problem solving techniques
    Maintain focus on meeting goals and key issues
    Obtain closure on unresolved issues
    Build relationships between participants
    Minimize conflict
  3. Post-Meeting Follow-Up
    Prepare Summary Report
    Discuss appropriate future action

A Professional will help when you need to:

  • involve people, generate creative solutions, develop strategy and form consensus
  • narrow down a broad range of options
  • manage a complex meeting where stakeholders are seen to have a vested interest
  • de-brief a complicated experience to derive the most learning from it
  • raise the ‘difficult to discuss’ issues
  • allow for conflict resolution/mediation of contentious issues
  • develop a vision for the future

The cost of a facilitation will depend on the unique needs of each project and the personnel required to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Personnel options include:
  • Sole Facilitator
  • Sole Facilitator and Scribe*
  • Lead and Co-Facilitator
  • Lead and Co-Facilitator and Scribe*

*Note: We are able to provide Summary Reports when a Scribe is in attendance at the meeting

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