Alternate Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution is an informal process by which the parties to a legal dispute meet with a third party “neutral” who will assist them in settling the case. This format poses many advantages over litigation and the inevitable expensive march toward trial. First and foremost, the parties have significant control over the format of the proceeding. Selection of the neutral, ground rules, timing, and the ability to end the process at any time are all under the parties’ control. This allows them to create a comfortable setting and an optimal environment for resolving the case. Secondly, Alternative Dispute Resolution allows for the direct involvement of the parties, as opposed to litigation, which is a forum open only to attorneys. Finally, because Alternative Dispute Resolution offers a cooperative approach to legal disputes, the parties are less likely to bear ill will against each other and avoid dissatisfaction from the outcome of a long and costly trial.

Review the following pages for information on each type of Alternative Dispute Resolution: Negotiation, Mediation, Mediation-Arbitration, Arbitration, and Adjudication.

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